{a day to check in with 9 yr old’s doings} This week’s “inventions” included a zipline-snack-delivery system…a strapped-in-swing for her stuffed dinosaur, a blanket-in-a-box pool, a drawn plan turned into miniature model of her play-area garden design, finger-knitted finger warmers, and some magickal cake designs for my birthday next month. She’s a big helper onContinue reading “Duendesday”

Monday Thoughts

“As the Christians have their story of a Fall from a prehistoric Eden, the Hindus have a belief that the world travels through four different ages, or yugas. The age we are currently living in is the Kali yuga: a dark age characterised by degeneration and greed. Avarice and a general disrespect for life define the kali yuga: itContinue reading “Monday Thoughts”

Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Cheddar Bread Pudding

What to do with leftover bread? This is never a problem for us – we have many lovely uses. We cube and make croutons (just bake with olive oil, s&p, maybe herbs until crispy), we freeze for later for stuffings and bread puddings or even just Pappa al Pomodoroo (Tuscan tomato bread soup – freshContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Bread Book – Cheddar Bread Pudding”