We are a mini family adhering to a care and attention of our bodies, our relations, and our environment in ruralish Maine. We are homesteaders – what does this mean to us? It means we intentionally direct our lives towards the well-being of all, in this attention to our food, our land, and our community. It means paying attention to not just what we eat and do and live but how (and why) we do those things, as well. We experiment with what works and try to learn from what does not.

We have a wild little orchard on a wild little piece of land that we are cultivating in care of nature. We do some maple sugaring, food growing, small animal husbandry, tree care – grafting and nursery, foraging, and medicinal gardening. We grow apples, blackberries, grapes, and herbs in addition to our vegetables and smattering of other fruits. We are interested in building more systems that incorporate earthwaste – compost, biochar, mulch/chip, and firewood (both specialty like applewood and cherrywood and home use). We are interested in feedback-system loops, not necessarily to solidify an isolated sufficiency (we are more interested in building community based on mutual skills) but as economic possibilities (economy in both monetary and care).

Please join us on our journey as we leap into homesteading full-time and check out what we do at Stone Broke Bread & Books, we welcome your expertise and encouragement! Feel free to email us directly, too, at: rockbottommaine@gmail.com