Happenings: Common Ground Fair

We had a wonderful festival week – a couple of mushroom/woods walks, meets with friends, amazing weather, with a culmination of goodness at the Common Ground Fair. We almost didn’t go – and we would have been so sad. The weather for our day was grey, cool, and kinda windy. But it was nice –Continue reading “Happenings: Common Ground Fair”

Tuesday: Wind-Down and Wind-Up!

So, the Harvest Party was a blast – maybe not as many folks as we were hoping but those that came were generous and enjoyable. The food was great, the weather was amazing, the band AstroPlanet was fantastic. The raffle was a nice sucess – gave away T-shirts, Maple Syrup, a CSB Membership, and ofContinue reading “Tuesday: Wind-Down and Wind-Up!”

Recipe Thursday: Party Menu

I have to say I love party menus. I love planning for parties, cooking for parties, and enjoying parties. Yes, it gets crazy and I get crazy in the midst of it sometimes (so many things going on!) but I still love it overall. This year’s Harvest Party 2022 is going to be lovely. TheContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Party Menu”

Belated Duendesday: Busy Birthdaying

{life with a curious and crazy 12 yr old} The official birthday was yesterday – 12 and running! Duende has had some lovely celebrations this past week – family visits, friend visits, a party, fireworks, mini golf, and lots of treats! We’ve been enjoying the spoils – playing Sleeping Queens (thank you, Pear! We loveContinue reading “Belated Duendesday: Busy Birthdaying”

Monday’s Equinox Musings

Since our little imp was a wee one, we love to read these picture books for Spring. What favorites do you have? A Bell for Ursli – Alois Carigiet/Selina Chonz Rechenka’s Eggs – Patricia Polacco (all of her family stories are favorites) Miss Rumphius – Barbara Cooney (also good for Summer Solstice) Miss Maple’s SeedsContinue reading “Monday’s Equinox Musings”

Monday’s Solstice Musings

THE WORLD BY JENNIFER CHANG One winter I lived north, aloneand effortless, dreaming myselfinto the past. Perhaps, I thought,words could replenish privacy.Outside, a red bicycle frozeinto form, made the world falserin its white austerity. So muchhappens after harvest: the moonperforming novelty: slaughter,snow. One hour the sameas the next, I held my handsor held the snow.Continue reading “Monday’s Solstice Musings”

Recipe Thursday: Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Dried Plums and Almonds

Happy Spring! It’s not a sunny new Spring day here but it is Spring! Tonite will mark the even but ascendant time of the sun and sky – renewal, birth, cycles of new growth. And like all new babies, the earth needs tending to – nourishment, immune strengthening, and extra care. We’ve been ignoring theContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Dried Plums and Almonds”