Monday’s Solstice Musings

THE WORLD BY JENNIFER CHANG One winter I lived north, aloneand effortless, dreaming myselfinto the past. Perhaps, I thought,words could replenish privacy.Outside, a red bicycle frozeinto form, made the world falserin its white austerity. So muchhappens after harvest: the moonperforming novelty: slaughter,snow. One hour the sameas the next, I held my handsor held the snow.Continue reading “Monday’s Solstice Musings”

Recipe Thursday: Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Dried Plums and Almonds

Happy Spring! It’s not a sunny new Spring day here but it is Spring! Tonite will mark the even but ascendant time of the sun and sky – renewal, birth, cycles of new growth. And like all new babies, the earth needs tending to – nourishment, immune strengthening, and extra care. We’ve been ignoring theContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Dried Plums and Almonds”