Spring Tuesday ‘Round Here

Scene One: The Eastern Phoebe family on the back of the garage is growing nicely – a little pile of chicks stacked up waiting for their flycatching parent to bring them bits. Simultaneously the Dragonflies have hatched and they work hard like aerial acrobats saving us from being devoured by mosquitos (ok, I just likeContinue reading “Spring Tuesday ‘Round Here”

Tuesday Happenings & Events

Rainy Rain Rain. We need it though, not enough snow this Winter. The apple trees will be in drought again this year, poor little things. They’ve suffered so the last fews years with less and less water and more and more predators, some saplings are dwindling and others are pushing through – it’s definitely aContinue reading “Tuesday Happenings & Events”

Tuesday Energies: Being in the World

It’s been hard to keep up with our events lately as we’ve been busy busy busy like waking Spring bees – wake up little bees, the southfacing daffodils are ready for you! Our sleepy north hill still has a blanket of snow by the compost and the blackberries. Just a few crocus and daffodils areContinue reading “Tuesday Energies: Being in the World”

Tuesday Happenings: when we’re not looking

Last night I woke up and tiptoed downstairs, my beautiful tulips were sleeping deep sleeps. The moon was 99% full according to my Moon Phase app – hazy in the thin cloud cover but still illuminating across the homestead. I could make out the grape arbor, the late lilac, the burning bush and hard linesContinue reading “Tuesday Happenings: when we’re not looking”

Tuesday: Sunshine Love

Well, we’re still building it but they are coming: the beekeepers (and charmers), the orchardists, the punks and secret anarchists, the poets, the curious, and the bread lovers; locavores and those who want community connection, responsible world choices, and perceptions shifted. It can be a challenge to readjust to how we expect things. Since theContinue reading “Tuesday: Sunshine Love”

Wednesday is the new Tuesday, well, just this week…

Since the multiple snowstorms, our week has been shifted and so shall our reportings and plans. We cut the ribbon with the big scissors – the gracious mayor, the chamber of commerce, and a local state senator (who is an organic farmer- perfect fit!) were all welcoming and kind to come and usher us in.Continue reading “Wednesday is the new Tuesday, well, just this week…”