Happenings on Tuesday

When it rains, it pours around here – (quite literally, there was a drought all Summer and now we’re sopping wet around here, no days to put out the laundry, we’re running out of towels!), we offer up a lovely pasta week and shazamo! Everyone wants some. Who knew? How amazing. So we worked our little fingers off making glorious seasonal gnocchi (golden beet/sage and sweet potato, red beet/thyme and potato, ricotta and parmesan), and then we also got a banner bagel order (of course, some of that was due to order form confusion which caused a series of problems down the line – if your bagels are a little funky this week it’s because they are handmade and variety is dependent on many factors – like too many bagels to proof at once). Whew! We might start offering goods twice a week.

But even though the 40lbs of pasta making was crazy making, I’m already dreaming of new flavors for next month’s pasta offering (maybe butternut squash and spinach tagliatelle, ricotta and lemon farfalle?). We’re also thinking of a holiday cookie week – rosehip shortbread, blueberry Linzers, apple white chocolate oatmeal? Ideas are flying. Next week is a specialty bread week: Sourdough Parmesan loaves – oh, so yummy. Josh has been developing this over the last month or so and it is delicious (as well as the soft sourdough rye he’s been working on, keep your eyes peeled for that one!).

Meanwhile, we got a whole pig (and Josh got a smoker for his birthday – let’s hope the two come together for some intriguing treats!), the Rosehip wine is bubbling away, cheese dreams are still developing, the garden is all but put to bed (though all the bulbs need to go in tomorrow! eeek!), and space for a new pumpkin patch is being prepared. The chickens are not laying eggs quite yet (soon) but we did find that the marvelous little chicken that we saved from the meatbird harvest (it was our ‘exotic’/extra chick that they throw in, seemed a different breed – colorful, small, sweet) is a rooster that we now need to rehome. I’m a little sad – that chicken was becoming quite the pet for me.

The next week will have many changes – politically, astrologically, seasonally; may you adapt smoothly and sanely.

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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