Tuesday Happenings

It’s the little bits that excite me on most days – the big things don’t change very much; there is always baking and pickling to do, always garden and chicken and orchard tending, and always updating the house (built in 1820 with us being the 3rd owners, there was not a lot of updating being done – at least since the early 70’s – it needs an overhaul and apparently I need to win the lottery).

But I do like the little bits, like Rosehip Wine bubbling away in the fermenting crock, bottling cider and homemade beer, turning the front porch into a greenhouse, mending and patching worn or ‘boring’ clothes, crocheting new rugs or dishcloths, painting everything white and starting fresh and clean, updating our First Aid kit (for years we’ve relied primarily on Weleda Calendula cream and Arnica oil for scrapes and bruises/aches, Hydrogen Peroxide for cleaning out bigger cuts, Castor oil for swollen lymphs, and a comprehensive whole food daily vitamin with targeted vitamins/amino acids for specifics – I’ve had Lyme disease so there are lots of targets, with an extra D and Vit C for the Winter) and maybe adding a few more emergency supplies, and finding better organizational skills (redoing the pantry/laundry room, the studio, etc).

Right now this place looks like a homestead bomb went off – mason jars everywhere (some stacked full of jams/pickles, some empty awaiting next goods), sheetrock stacked and ready for house updates, dried herbs in various stages, Kiwi/Atlas/Tinker crates or projekts in every room, and collections of ‘nature’ on every other surface (snakeskins, birds nests, chicken and turkey feathers, rocks – my goodess, the rocks, leaves, acorns, etc). I love it but it can get a little overwhelming. I know Spring is normally the cleaning time but I think we need to do this every season – with the holiday coming up, I think a good fresh sweep is necessary.

May you find your own version of ‘clean sweeping’.

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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