Autumn Duendesday

{life with a curious and crazy 10 yr old}

There’s not much more exciting than baby animals for this kid (alright, they don’t even have to be babies – she loves all animals). So, when Nana asked if Duende would like to babysit her new Maine Coon kitten, the kid’s head nearly exploded with glee. A couple of hours of kitten bliss.

We lived in Wiscasset for 2 seasons when she was a wee thing (walking, barely talking, though she used to tell me when I asked her what she wanted for a snack ‘cheese plate, please’ – my child, for sure!) and there were legends that the antique shops had Marie Antoinette treasures in them from the time she was going to hide out here in Maine. Though she never made it herself, apparently some of her furniture and goods and her cat made it to Wiscasset – perhaps siring or mixing with some local wild cat and the Maine Coon cat was born. So the story goes. Now both of Duende’s grandmothers are Maine Coon cat keepers.

Now that Duende’s own cat (Squiggy) [is a lazy monster who is not interested in much], is not a kitten, she is reinvigorated to implore for another baby animal. I’m thinking a tortoise. Ha!

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