’round the homestead on a Tuesday

New things: Soft Rye Bread, Oatmeal Loaf Breads, and trial Seedy Bread Seeds and trees have been ordered (too many of the first, and not so many of the latter), tons of flowers and ornamentals (selling hanging baskets this year!) Soon to be tree-pruning and maple-sugaring time New floors throughout (mostly) – because all ofContinue reading “’round the homestead on a Tuesday”

Muses for a Monday

Ballad of the Moon Moon By Federico Garcia Lorca Moon came to the forgein her petticoat of nardThe boy looks and looksthe boy looks at the MoonIn the turbulent airMoon lifts up her armsshowing — pure and sexy — her beaten-tin breastsRun Moon run Moon MoonIf the gypsies camewhite rings and white necklacesthey would beat from your heartBoy willContinue reading “Muses for a Monday”

Recipe Thursday: Homemade Pierogis

There was a time in our life when Mrs. T’s Pierogis were a regular staple. Granted, it was when we lived in Boston for a few years – and we were miserable. We lived essentially at Cleveland Circle/Chestnut Hill Reservation at the juncture of Brighton, Allston, and Brookline. We worked at Coolidge Corners (yes, inContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Homemade Pierogis”

Tuesday on the Homestead

The Secret Pickle Club is off to a good start – lovely selections going out into the world, along with various Kimchi, froot butters and jams, rainbow eggs, and country Sourdough Boules, Braeds (a sweeter braided bread with a pretzely salted crust), Bagels, and the newest addition to the bread family – Sandwich Rolls (IContinue reading “Tuesday on the Homestead”

Recipe Thursday: Rock Bottom Mac & Cheese

Oh, the cold breezes sweep in, the rain last night has already crusted over into ice and there’s apparently snow on the way (such is Winter life in Maine). It’s grey and the trees are bare, hints of greenery still pretend they have a chance – hopefully they are storing up as much as theyContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Rock Bottom Mac & Cheese”