Tuesday Happenings

We waited as long as we could but I love when the woodstove has a fire in it. The last couple of nights (that strange 73 degree day, notwithstanding) have been around the freezing mark, the mild frosts killing the rest of the errant squash and tomato plants in the compost around the apple trees though the grass is still rich and green. Many trees are deep golds and reds or losing their leaves altogether. Sounds like a perfect time for a fire.

We pulled the carrots – huge, sweet, mostly Red Atomics and Purple, soon to be carrot jam (I love carrot jam, especially with brie or as a topping for spice cake). Our Pear tree managed to produce 3 lovely pears, they need to age before we eat them. The bees busily try to eke out the last of the flowers. The tea herbs are finalizing their drying. I picked many, many tiny rose hips – dried some for rosehip flour and boiled 4 quarts for rosehip wine. We’ve also been saving/collecting/drying seeds – Morning Glory, Parsley, Echinacea, Radish. I’m waiting for the rain to stop so we can begin collecting goods for basket weaving – bittersweet, willow, fruit tree suckers, etc. I’m very excited about this last new venture. We’ve been contemplating it for awhile.

Tuesdays are now delivery day – getting the goods together for Josh to take to Portland: Spicy Kimchi, Fresh Ricotta, Pesto, Blackberry Maple Syrup, Blueberry Jam, Carrot and Cucumber Pickles, Sourdough Boules (and Mini Boules) and Bagels (in all kinds of flavors – from Cinnamon to Everything) and Crackers (from Lavender to Sesame), Flatbreads, and then next week Fresh Pasta (Gnudi, Tagliatelle, Farfalle) and then after that Berry Hand Pies! Lots of delicious loveliness being delivered!

Happy October!

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