Duendesday: a bit of this, a bit of that

{life with a curious and crazy 11 yr old} Lately it’s been hats, cakes, jumping on the new indoor rebounder, and the Tudor Monastery Farm. Today she is planning on steaming sticks to bend into basketry of some artistic (and likely unfunctional) kind. Yesterday she carved and boiled her own wooden butter knife. We’ve hadContinue reading “Duendesday: a bit of this, a bit of that”

Duendesday: the Crazies

{life with a curious and crazy 11 yr old} This kid is cray cray. She’s losing teeth all over the place (naturally, just seems all the time!), she’s foraging, gardening, climbing, dancing, swinging on the swing, making paper airplanes, making up games (like Belly Target – and yes, she wrote the numbers backwards because sheContinue reading “Duendesday: the Crazies”

Duendesday: just another typical wonderful day

{life with a curious and crazy almost 11 yr old} As we get closer to someone’s birthday she’s getting more and more excited. It’s not a big year, necessarily (every year is a big year); it’s not a cycle year (we celebrate 7 yr cycles as major milestones). But it’s still a marvelous birthday! 11,Continue reading “Duendesday: just another typical wonderful day”