Duendesday: Crazy All Over

{life with a curious and crazy 12 yr old} What has been going on in this crazy little brain lately? Eyebrow waggling, (bad) jokes, swimming in her new little yard pool, drawing dogs and dresses, decorating eggs for Dan (that’s Captain Underpants, by the way), rocking out with her headphones, reading good books (What IsContinue reading “Duendesday: Crazy All Over”

Belated Duendesday: Busy Birthdaying

{life with a curious and crazy 12 yr old} The official birthday was yesterday – 12 and running! Duende has had some lovely celebrations this past week – family visits, friend visits, a party, fireworks, mini golf, and lots of treats! We’ve been enjoying the spoils – playing Sleeping Queens (thank you, Pear! We loveContinue reading “Belated Duendesday: Busy Birthdaying”

Duendesday: Pulling her weight…

{life with a curious and crazy 11 yr old} Our lovely Godzilla has been changing at a shooting star rate these days – she is taller, smarter, stronger, sassier, and coming to grips with change. Up until now we have been following a loosey goosey Waldorf-style education (I think the only Waldorf aspect is theContinue reading “Duendesday: Pulling her weight…”

Duendesday: Baking and Excitement

{life with a curious and crazy 11 yr old} This little peach loves to plan/host/make goodies for parties. Duende is a hostess with the mostess. A slight sign of rain and she’s making a Thundercake (see Patricia Polacco’s book of the same name, recipe in the back). Any talk of ripe bananas and she’s whippingContinue reading “Duendesday: Baking and Excitement”

Duendesday: Victorian Farm Dreams

{life with a curious and crazy 11 yr old} She’s been obsessed with the British ‘Farm’ series (Tudor Monastery Farm, Edwardian, Wartime, and Victorian Farm with a couple of extras) of a semi-fluctuating threesome (one is a historian joined by one or two different archaeologists) who move into appropriate time frame farms that are stillContinue reading “Duendesday: Victorian Farm Dreams”

Duendesday: Growing Pains

{life with a curious and crazy 11 yr old} It’s seems that the world outside is thawing to her satisfaction – she’s already in the creek, chasing chickens, making mudgames, and helping her Dad boil maple syrup, trim moth nests, and cutting wood. Inside, she is making many beautiful beaded bracelets, doing her nails (aContinue reading “Duendesday: Growing Pains”