Duendesday: Crazy All Over

{life with a curious and crazy 12 yr old}

What has been going on in this crazy little brain lately? Eyebrow waggling, (bad) jokes, swimming in her new little yard pool, drawing dogs and dresses, decorating eggs for Dan (that’s Captain Underpants, by the way), rocking out with her headphones, reading good books (What Is the Point of Math?, Greta Thunberg speeches, Dahl – always Dahl, Story Thieves), gardening (her little garden looks good! Lots of cherry tomatoes coming, good looking thinned corn, lush pumpkins, a happy zucchini and cucumbers). She’s looking forward to taking her friend to mini golf and maybe the Pittston Fair, maybe a beach day. Here’s some kooky random bits – this is what our days are punctuated with, crazies abound!

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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