Belated Duendesday: Busy Birthdaying

{life with a curious and crazy 12 yr old}

The official birthday was yesterday – 12 and running! Duende has had some lovely celebrations this past week – family visits, friend visits, a party, fireworks, mini golf, and lots of treats! We’ve been enjoying the spoils – playing Sleeping Queens (thank you, Pear! We love it!), she’s been sketching reflective mountains in ponds and dog muscles and coloring cat anatomies (thank you Sabrina and Grammy!), wearing very fashionable clothes and jewelry (thank you Nana and Grammy and Mira – she loves the tooth necklace!), throwing rubbery bunnies and wearing her locket (thank you Uncle Brady & Auntie Monica!), redecorating her room with new star lights and dragon eggs (thank you Josh & Bonnie and Nana!) and eating lots of goodies – Chinese food, ice cream, more ice cream, Key Lime Pie, and lots of party leftovers. We made fermented sodas, Kale Salad, French Potato Salad, pulled chicken with flatbreads, Carrot Pie; many favorites. Thank you everyone who came to party Grammy, Poppi, and Nana – and especially our chosen family (Dan, Mira, Joe, Jamesy, Josh, Bonnie, Dave, Pear, and Justin – Jemma and Soph, you were missed!)

We’ve never been much for fireworks – when she was little, she did not like the loudness so we avoided it (which we preferred avoiding crowds anyway) and it wasn’t until a few years ago when we started occasionally going to the Augusta fireworks (which is a hit or miss situation depending on where you park and what you are willing to deal with) but other than that, she doesn’t see many – so it was a real treat when Uncle Brady busted out his traveling tub of sparkly bits. Duende was entranced.

And then on the day itself, we went to Gifford’s Mini Golf (which she’s also never done) and it was a sweet course – perfect commitment and ice cream treat after. And then games at home and Chinese food! Yay!! I’m sure she will milk a few more days of celebration – there’s a new yard pool with her name all over it.

Happy Birthday my little love, you are not so little anymore.

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