Duendesday: and she was…

{life with a curious and crazy 12 yr old}

A stimulating week to be sure – the Pittston Fair, a blueberry picking/swimming outing, Felix’s Birthday (he’s the now 8 yr old dog), homemade sushi night…it’s a whirlwind around here (ha!). And Ms. D has been up for the challenge. She is tired (I think she is teething again, 12 yr old molars – who remembers these? I sure don’t) but has been having a really lovely time. New friends, old friends, friend-family, family time – it’s all good. Tonight it’s homemade pizza and games (we’re excited by the PSB from the Farmer’s Market yesterday to go on the pizza!), playing records, voodou/balance board challenges and maybe a berry pie (to go with the berries she must go out and pick today – lots of fat raspberries in the garden, black raspberries around the yard, high bush blueberries in the back = dreamy pie). We have to do some gardening and foraging today anyway (a break in the heat is welcome), so it will be a lovely reward. This weekend is both the Skowhegan (Maine Grains) Bread Fair and the Colby College Art Museum Community Day (both traditions for us) and then the Midsummer holiday. Lots of school changes are happening this Fall for the peach so she is in no hurry for Summer to be even half over – oh, the anticipation of change, so equally scary and curious. Curiouser and curiouser.

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