Duendesday: Winterings

{life with a curious and crazy 12 yr old}

Time was (not so long ago), you couldn’t keep our little gal indoors. Especially at the sight of snow (or rain). We called her a little Siberian baby because she’d leap out into the cold – sledding, snow-forting, making snow faeries, climbing trees, journeying around the yard to see the spells of Winter. It didn’t matter how cold, even if it was just for a bit, D wanted to be out. Summer would come and she would pine for snow (Solstice decorating in July was a thing for her).

Now, I have to woo/cajole/bribe her into her warmy gear and get the heck out there! Once she’s out, she stays out for awhile. There have been many snow women, babies, dogs constructed, sledding trails smoothed out, and icicle sculptures (yes, last week, she really did cut her eye getting an icicle down from the side of the house!). Today, she will be out again. We had a stretch of bitter cold – too bitter for me to even let her out, but now there’s a little snow that may not last with the pendulum swings of this Winter’s weather. I’m happy to stay in my slippers, indoors, and take pictures though we always try and go for a couple of family Winter/snow walks while it lasts (I should probably put one of those on the schedule – our woods are so pretty this time of year).

Lately, D has been writing a novel (The War of the Animals, with illustrations), staging rescued Barbie fashion shows (and dance clubs), making bracelets, getting ready for another cycle of her ceramics class, and considering high school (the charter school of the arts is moving its campus closer to us, so we are thinking about it…). I think her to-do list of the day is sledding and learning to make pudding (it’s good to have goals).

Winter on!

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