Tuesday at Rock Bottom Homestead

Getting together the Tuesday delivery. It’s a very windy, very cold one today. Hopefully these baguettes and oat breads and secret pickles will keep you all warm. We’ve pushed pasta week a bit until I am more recovered. I am out of bed for half-days but barely up to speed (#don’tgetshingles). We’ll keep you posted.Continue reading “Tuesday at Rock Bottom Homestead”

Monday’s Musing

I Remember California I remember redwood trees, bumper cars and wolverinesThe ocean’s Trident submarinesLemons, limes and tangerinesI remember this I remember traffic jamsMotor boys and girls with tansNearly-was and almost-ransI remember thisHistory is madeHistory is made to seem unfair I recall that you were thereGolden smile and shining hairI recall it wasn’t fairRecollect it wasn’tContinue reading “Monday’s Musing”

Recipe Thursday: Mushroom Cream Soup

It’s been a rough week. Sickness, weather, and for us, a redistribution of space and goals. But we are starting to feel a renewed vigor and dedication to ourselves, our community, and this crazy life we’ve chosen (crazy things I never thought I would do before we embarked on this hill: vaseline chicken combs forContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Mushroom Cream Soup”

Monday’s Muse

Earth, You Have Returned to Me BY ELAINE EQUI Can you imagine waking upevery morning on a different planet,each with its own gravity? Slogging, wobbling,wavering. Atiltand out-of-syncwith all that movesand doesn’t. Through years of trialand mostly errordid I study this unsteady way —  changing pills, adjusting the dosage,never settling. A long time we were separate,O Earth,but nowContinue reading “Monday’s Muse”