Monday’s Muse for the Snow Moon

Moon by Billy Collins The moon is full tonightan illustration for sheet music,an image in Matthew Arnoldglimmering on the English Channel,or a ghost over a smoldering battlefieldin one of the history plays. It’s as full as it wasin that poem by Coleridgewhere he carries his year-old soninto the orchard behind the cottageand turns the baby’sContinue reading “Monday’s Muse for the Snow Moon”

Wednesday is the new Tuesday, well, just this week…

Since the multiple snowstorms, our week has been shifted and so shall our reportings and plans. We cut the ribbon with the big scissors – the gracious mayor, the chamber of commerce, and a local state senator (who is an organic farmer- perfect fit!) were all welcoming and kind to come and usher us in.Continue reading “Wednesday is the new Tuesday, well, just this week…”

Tuesday: Happenings in the Future

First things first – Grand Opening at the store January 21st Noon, Come to Stone Broke Bread & Books, 347 Water St, Gardiner, ME for a ribbon cutting by the mayor and a Seed Swap event. Hopefully we’ll have a seed saver here to chat about best practices and to answer any questions. Seedy BreadContinue reading “Tuesday: Happenings in the Future”

Monday’s Muse, a life well lived: Stephen Harrod Buhner

It has taken me a lifetime to understand the nature and necessity of compassion. To see in every person I meet a human being that is trying as all of us do to live a life based on inadequate information and insufficient capacities. There is not a one of us who has not hurt anotherContinue reading “Monday’s Muse, a life well lived: Stephen Harrod Buhner”

Happenings on a Tuesday: New Beginnings

I’m not much of a New Year person – for me, everyday is a start of a new year and the seasonals mark our time more efficiently. But there is always time for extra celebrations, so a little New Year’s as a thing isn’t the worst (it just isn’t a big thing…we go to bedContinue reading “Happenings on a Tuesday: New Beginnings”

Duendesday: gal of a thousand faces

{life with a curious and crazy 12 yr old} This gal is hilarious. She loves making faces – ugly faces, scary faces, witchy faces, goofy faces, sometimes sweet faces. I had a dream she was wee again, just a little thing – maybe 2 or 3, and was leaning over a porch railing dumping littleContinue reading “Duendesday: gal of a thousand faces”