Thursday Recipe: Stuffed Grilled Squid & Tomato/Watermelon Salad

I love a challenge – and a feast; those two elements together charged with sharing something so lovely with friends is a complete gift. It’s actually been awhile since we made these Stuffed Squid but I wanted to get a recipe down as I’ve been wanting to try them again- Squid or Calamari, doesn’t matterContinue reading “Thursday Recipe: Stuffed Grilled Squid & Tomato/Watermelon Salad”

Duendesday is for the Cows

{life with a curious and crazy 10 yr old} Cabot Cheese is having an online drawing contest (juried by the children on the farm) which all sounds like good fun – cows abound! The rules are pretty simple; cows, original artwork, kids 4-17. There are no prizes listed (I’m imagining it is for the funContinue reading “Duendesday is for the Cows”

What’s Happening, Tuesday?

Tuesday answers with so many possibilities: bagel, cracker, pizza dough making, lacto-fermented pickles/turnips/beets, blackberry, and carrot jams. We’ll hit the lovely Augusta Farmer’s Market later this afternoon. Maybe some late weeding in the afternoon (always with a bit of weeding, though the strawberries might disagree on the ‘bit’ – I think they are in thereContinue reading “What’s Happening, Tuesday?”