Recipe Thursday: Maple Weekend Baked Beans and Fish Cakes

I have to say that I have always hated Baked Beans – there was something about the grainy texture of the beans and the sweetness that never appealed to me. And then I started making them myself and now I can balance the sweet with the savory more effectively. My lovely Cooking Down East byContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Maple Weekend Baked Beans and Fish Cakes”

Rock Bottom Recipe: Spring-thinkings and a Quiche

I know it’s close to Spring when I start craving green things big time (I think I mentioned the same last year). We pull out all the frozen kale we put away last Summer, use up the fresh CSA micro-bitter-greens and baby Chard/Spinach (the Rainbow Chard from the farm this week is stunning!) and startContinue reading “Rock Bottom Recipe: Spring-thinkings and a Quiche”

Recipe Thursday: Maple Sunday Chili & Cornbread

Everyone thinks Chili means something different – some are all about the beans (some no beans at all), some believe in big chunks of meat/some used ground (or no meat at all). I’ve had Chili with no tomatoes (think White Bean with Chicken and Green Chilis or a more ‘gravy’ style) and Chili which isContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Maple Sunday Chili & Cornbread”