Duendesday is for Movers and Shakers

{life with a curious and crazy 10 yr old} How is our little peach these days? She is counting her chickens, hunting for mushrooms, and driving the tractor-mower (again). She takes her mower-driving very seriously – she concentrates on all the steps and learns new tips. It really gave her a kick to tow theContinue reading “Duendesday is for Movers and Shakers”

Recipe Thursday: Obsessed with Bananas

It may be because I can’t really get bananas right now, and when I do, I specifically get organic because the certification helps assess the Cavendish banana tree health and plantation soil health, which is in detrimental decline (the Cavendish being the kind that Americans typically eat, though there are many other worldwide kinds, andContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Obsessed with Bananas”

Tuesday – What’s Happening?

Hmmm, what happened to the rest of the days since last Thursday? Not sure – my blog for last Thursday’s recipe *poof* disappeared into the ether…and well, the other days are just touch and go. Sometime the stories and inspirations have to come from other places. But here we are – Tuesday again. As itContinue reading “Tuesday – What’s Happening?”