Tuesday Energies: Being in the World

It’s been hard to keep up with our events lately as we’ve been busy busy busy like waking Spring bees – wake up little bees, the southfacing daffodils are ready for you! Our sleepy north hill still has a blanket of snow by the compost and the blackberries. Just a few crocus and daffodils areContinue reading “Tuesday Energies: Being in the World”

Recipe Thursday – Bread Book: Stromboli

I might be giving away my Pennsylvania secrets here (even though this southern kind of PA didn’t hit my life until my pre-teens/early teens) but Stromboli is a blessed thing. A very small regional pocket of goodness (other areas try to mimic or claim, but it’s just not the same), and yes, my mom makesContinue reading “Recipe Thursday – Bread Book: Stromboli”

Tuesday Happenings: when we’re not looking

Last night I woke up and tiptoed downstairs, my beautiful tulips were sleeping deep sleeps. The moon was 99% full according to my Moon Phase app – hazy in the thin cloud cover but still illuminating across the homestead. I could make out the grape arbor, the late lilac, the burning bush and hard linesContinue reading “Tuesday Happenings: when we’re not looking”

A Musing for Monday

book at hand: “Recently I’ve been thinking about the body and bush aesthetics, or just like Indigenous aesthetics, and spending time thinking about mosquito bits – picking berries and picking tea, and like, paying for them with your blood…I was being chewed up by mosquitoes there and I started wondering, do mosquitoes have blood memory?Continue reading “A Musing for Monday”

Tuesday: Sunshine Love

Well, we’re still building it but they are coming: the beekeepers (and charmers), the orchardists, the punks and secret anarchists, the poets, the curious, and the bread lovers; locavores and those who want community connection, responsible world choices, and perceptions shifted. It can be a challenge to readjust to how we expect things. Since theContinue reading “Tuesday: Sunshine Love”