Recipe Thursday: Apple Cake

Apples for love – a perfect cake for any occasion but this occasion happens to be our 24th Anniversary (yes, 24 – really!). We weren’t that young (but still pretty young) which makes us likely older than you thought we were, but we’ve had many lives. We’ve lived many places and have had many adventuresContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Apple Cake”

Monday’s Solstice Musing

Call her moonchildDancing in the shallows of a riverLonely moonchildDreaming in the shadowOf the willow. Talking to the trees of theCobweb strangeSleeping on the steps of a fountainWaving silver wands to theNight-birds songWaiting for the sun on the mountain. She’s a moonchildGathering the flowers in a garden.Lovely moonchildDrifting in the echoes of the hours. SailingContinue reading “Monday’s Solstice Musing”

Recipe Thursday: Sauces for Pasta Fantasies

This week at Rock Bottom Homestead, we are making lots of lovely pasta. Red Beet Farfalle, Basil Fettuccine, Sourdough Saffron Tagliatelle, Golden Beet/Sweet Potato Gnocchi, and our homestead classic – Ricotta Gnudi. All made with our free-range deep gorgeous eggs, King Arthur flour, local herbs and vegetables, homemade/local milk ricotta, and some of our ownContinue reading “Recipe Thursday: Sauces for Pasta Fantasies”