What’s Happening, Tuesday?

Tuesday answers with so many possibilities: bagel, cracker, pizza dough making, lacto-fermented pickles/turnips/beets, blackberry, and carrot jams. We’ll hit the lovely Augusta Farmer’s Market later this afternoon. Maybe some late weeding in the afternoon (always with a bit of weeding, though the strawberries might disagree on the ‘bit’ – I think they are in thereContinue reading “What’s Happening, Tuesday?”

What’s Happening – Tuesday

With the drought to drown weather lately, Rock Bottom is looking a little wild. It’s very romantic looking with its woolly lawn, it’s deep green nooks and crannies, wildflowers swaying in the breeze topped with fat bumbles and butterflies. Volunteer medicinals popping up everywhere (the earth really wants to take care of us, if weContinue reading “What’s Happening – Tuesday”

Tuesday Happenings

Sometimes the happenings are subtle – sometimes not. I’m reading this lovely book which channels the Japanese and Chinese calendar custom of tracking time via the changes in nature (the Japanese alter the classic Chinese, in lieu of their different weather/flora/fauna/environment and awareness/fashions) – the author tries to explain some of the enigmatic phrases whichContinue reading “Tuesday Happenings”