Another Tuesday on the Homestead

And like a flash, Tuesday is upon us again. We have been busy celebrating J’s birthday week with bits of excitement; country drives and roadside apples, antique-ing for the store and surprise Farmer’s Markets, a few stolen moments for a glass of wine and a chat, a long line for a lovely ice cream afternoonContinue reading “Another Tuesday on the Homestead”

Rock Bottom Tuesday: Swift Change

This season is sweeping in on a gust of cool wind. Though we get a warmer reprieve in the next couple of days (just enough to tidy up the gardens, get the wood crib cleaned out, and get a painting project done in the driveway – copper coating some tin ceiling for a woodstove backsplash!),Continue reading “Rock Bottom Tuesday: Swift Change”

Happenings: Common Ground Fair

We had a wonderful festival week – a couple of mushroom/woods walks, meets with friends, amazing weather, with a culmination of goodness at the Common Ground Fair. We almost didn’t go – and we would have been so sad. The weather for our day was grey, cool, and kinda windy. But it was nice –Continue reading “Happenings: Common Ground Fair”

Tuesday: Wind-Down and Wind-Up!

So, the Harvest Party was a blast – maybe not as many folks as we were hoping but those that came were generous and enjoyable. The food was great, the weather was amazing, the band AstroPlanet was fantastic. The raffle was a nice sucess – gave away T-shirts, Maple Syrup, a CSB Membership, and ofContinue reading “Tuesday: Wind-Down and Wind-Up!”

Our week starts with a Typical Tuesday

Tuesdays are generally our busiest days. Josh gets up bright and early to proof bread, warm the ovens, bake the bread, and then label and bag all the orders. Then he piles it all into our tiny car with our growing child and delivers to all the good people (the St. Nick of bread? ha!).Continue reading “Our week starts with a Typical Tuesday”