Tuesday: Sunshine Love

Well, we’re still building it but they are coming: the beekeepers (and charmers), the orchardists, the punks and secret anarchists, the poets, the curious, and the bread lovers; locavores and those who want community connection, responsible world choices, and perceptions shifted. It can be a challenge to readjust to how we expect things. Since the 80’s, Americans have been told that they can get whatever they want, whenever they want – that it all just waits for them (think big grocery stores and shopping centers, all the goods just biding their time until you wake and buy them) but this isn’t necessarily a good thing or a sensible thing. Economy-wise, it generates so much waste (the reason it can just wait for people is because the big stores can afford to throw it out when it has served its time), makes folks feel entitled, and because of this waste it also equals a sacrifice of quality. Many have adjusted to this lack of quality (due to availability, lack of information, and tons of marketing which convinces you otherwise).

We are big believers in using privilege to help others. We’ve worked hard for our privilege but it doesn’t change the role we have to play. Everyone has to come to their own understanding of their privilege, their personal responsibility, and their education in their own time. We certainly don’t ever want to seem like we are telling people how to live but to make available choices we understand as intentional and positive – this economic reality makes negotiations constant for all of us. And everyone can offer what they do best, or share whatever type of life works for them. What we do isn’t for everyone and there are many folks we admire so much for the work they do to make this the kind of world we want to live in and live for.

Happy Sunshine Love Day.

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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