Wednesday is the new Tuesday, well, just this week…

Since the multiple snowstorms, our week has been shifted and so shall our reportings and plans. We cut the ribbon with the big scissors – the gracious mayor, the chamber of commerce, and a local state senator (who is an organic farmer- perfect fit!) were all welcoming and kind to come and usher us in. We’re officially official now (now onto signage…). And then Fedco seed saver Clark Heijbroek offered a great demonstration on saving and choosing seed to save, resplendent with a little seed swap (still open at our store – with 10% of all seed books until Spring). Good fun was had by all.

Meanwhile a couple of rounds of good snow have hit our little pocket, I think we are up to about 16″ and another storm is coming in tonight (they reckon around 9″, but the other day they said 3-6″ and we got 10″…we shall see). We’re hoping it’s good for an impromptu sledding party. I like to make a hot pot of something good and invite folks for our nice racing trails that J & D carve out of our little hill. It’s a perfect hill for a good ride but not too long of a slog back up.

And then next week is our Imbolc celebration with a Scotch Tasting – I think technically it’s our 8th or 9th, with mostly the same core crew and then new folks we want to have good conversation with who might enjoy J’s kooky way of explaining the nuances of Scotch Whisky (he’s won me over a little, sometimes, with some that don’t taste so much like ‘skeleton pee’ – thank you long lost Ian). So, we decided to rearrange most of the house into a new configuration – cozy books by the woodstove now, a lounge in ‘the dining room’ (we named him Stan), an improved pantry and therefore kitchen.

I was reading a little article earlier about how to ‘slow down’ time, which is just to pay attention better/more feeding right into my deep belief in non-multi tasking. A feat to be sure in this day and age, with our enculturation (especially women), but it’s key – do one thing 100%, then you are more likely to do it well, and be in sync with the real rhythms of time, not clock time. Slow and easy, like a lover’s stroll, a forager’s pace, like we have all the time in the world.

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