Tuesday: Happenings in the Future

First things first – Grand Opening at the store January 21st Noon, Come to Stone Broke Bread & Books, 347 Water St, Gardiner, ME for a ribbon cutting by the mayor and a Seed Swap event. Hopefully we’ll have a seed saver here to chat about best practices and to answer any questions. Seedy Bread is on the menu to entice you.

I had envisioned more marvelous culminations such as our store signage and a speaker series but alas, it all happens so fast and many of these things take time to get set up. But all we really need is some delicious bread and an engaged community to share it with. I’ve been working on some new art practices and a little series inspired by my amazing glass gem corn seed this year (supplied from last year’s saved seed from our lovely friend Justin and shucked steadfastly by DBR) – though much of it doesn’t look like it matured enough to replant this year (it was a short wonky summer), it did grow enough to impart beauty and inspiration. Hopefully my inspirations will stand up to the expert artistic ministrations of visting artists El Costell, Nikki, and maybe Sam Jones (more on them as the week unfolds). And I do think we might have an event visitation by the Wild Seed Project to talk about focusing on native seed and rewilding our yards.

Also, Sage Hayes and the Equality Community Center of Portland, ME are hosting an evening with bodyworker and trauma healer Susan Raffo (author of Liberated to the Bone, which we carry, from the Emergent Strategy series), Feb 1, 6-8pm. I can’t wait to pair up with some of our community outreach peoples to host events here, too.

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