Tuesday: Wind-Down and Wind-Up!

So, the Harvest Party was a blast – maybe not as many folks as we were hoping but those that came were generous and enjoyable. The food was great, the weather was amazing, the band AstroPlanet was fantastic. The raffle was a nice sucess – gave away T-shirts, Maple Syrup, a CSB Membership, and of course Bread! My brother offered his gorgeous wooden (lathe-turned) bowls, and our friend Mira brought her super charming hand-tooled earrings! A beautiful friend from Vermont made the trip to join the family folk, valued customers, ReVision peeps, and new faces that appeared. It was really a lovely day.

Tonight/tomorrow is the holiday for us! Happy Autumnal Equinox! I was going to make something special but we might just eat party leftovers and play some games – we love our game night! It’s a real together evening, records on the hi-fi, sparkly lights, lots of laughs. Maybe a pumpkin pie to celebrate – mmmm, pumpkin pie.

And Friday is the Common Ground Fair! Yay!! It hasn’t happened in-person for a couple of years and though the first year online was pretty good, it’s not the same as being able to feel connected to others with similar values. Even though I struggle to make a lot of friends/acquaintances in these growing cultures, I love to feel a part of something. It’s inspiring and encouraging. But this year we do have actual friends going! So it will be nice to see familiar and lovely faces.

After 14 years in Maine, we are starting to feel like we belong here.

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