Homestead Tuesday Happenings

We shall be sending out the Harvest Party invites this week – you may now write on your calendar in ink for September 17th. We are intimidated this year but very excited to have this activity back in our lives – because then you will be back in our lives! And that is what all of this is about for us; building community, sharing bounty, giving thanks. There will be live music, lots of lovely food, outdoor games, foraging walks, and garden tours. Bring apples and or jugs for cider, bring yarn or art supplies for field crafting, bring buckets for late berries or foraged goods, bring children and happy dogs, guitars/ukes/tamborines/flugelhorns are welcome.

It helps us, too, see where we can improve and where we can let go. We have so many dreams and it seems so little time and our inclinations are changing. But at the same time we have some renewed vigor for this homestead – stone features, small ponds, tended woodlots. I’ve always wanted to qualify as a Wildlife Sanctuary so we are working towards that. We’ve always wanted to give more foraging walks/medicinal care information and offer space for art (both on the property, and as inspiration) – in the form of workshops and small talks. Being a part of the Good Life Center’s speaking series last year really inspires us to build a stronger community here. I feel like we have to coax our fellow community members out of hiding.

And we are also looking at a possible commercial space as a bookstore and a place for J to bake even more lovely breads. The bookstore would feature only Small Press books, especially those that help build our community and give another space for workshops/talks/subversive cross stitch – whatever! Wish us luck in that endeavor, spaces are limited and we want a good space to entice you!

Onto party preparations – Happy August!

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