Musings for a Monday

What drives our ruralish passions around here at Rock Bottom?

  • Fermentation – let’s face it, some foraged goods and garden goods have a natural sweetness, and some need to be coaxed from their deep earthy goodness. That’s where fermentation comes in – natural yeasts (and sometimes a little added, if necessary), mixed flavors, time = healthy microbes to our bodies. Which leads us to:
  • Bread, of course. With the growth of the Stone Broke Bread Bakery, much of our attention is geared toward offering good nutritious food to our neighbors especially as food prices rise – but ours do not. We strive to keep New England grain agriculture alive and well while making sure to feed the people. Sourdough bread for the people!!!
  • Cultivation – many of you may know that I write about ecology in a different way; trying to allow myself to understand the ways of the worlds as not ‘just’ human ways. That we are cultivated as much as we try and cultivate the land/environment/plant, animal, and mineral friends. We try and practice what we think about – what does this land want to do and how can we help it, especially amidst a great climate change happening.
  • Community is so important to us. Right now we frequently feel that our community is dispersed – small pockets of folks feeling/thinking in similar ways. We try to make happen convergences where these small pockets can meet and communicate. Learn and share. Create and be created.
  • Art – as a one of these kind of convergences is a key element for us. We’re all (not just us here at Rock Bottom, but you, too, I bet!) creators of some kind. Here, we are writers, illustrators, photographers, collage artists, yarn artists, musicians, and performers. These expressive avenues are innovative solutions and conversations of various languages. And not just in the making – we are great appreciators of art and music and writing – any opportunity to have perspectives and perceptions shifted!
  • Foraging is likely my favorite relaxing activity. Though J & D like to wildcraft as well – we go on many a mushroom hike, pick berries, and D is a budding medicinal herbalist (though she prefers listing off ‘apocalypse food’ for fun), I like to concentrate on a few forgotten healing herbs for teas, tinctures, and salves. I add one new focus a year if not every season. I go to online seminars, am involved in a informational plant community, and read to practice many a skill.

What gets you going?

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