Tuesday’s List of Happenings and Things 2 Do

I can’t address the world right now – the pendulum swing is too far in either direction and bodies (those not in power, never in power, always under foot) are strewn like mowed daisies along this stretch of country road. My daily work focuses on this cultural and natural emergency swing so my homestead work must reground me in this place with these people, in this love. Lots of pictures to remind me of the work we do, for each other.

We’ve just come off of a weekend of visitations and celebrations for the child – tomorrow is the true big day, and we are thinking of something nice for just the three of us, like mini golf or petting baby goats and a welcome delivered dinner of Slab (thank you J for bringing that up with your commute tomorrow – you’ve made a little gal’s day! and thank you S. Lanzalotta for your gift to share and your generous presence; rest in peace) and then family games (maybe outside free range bocce? croquet? or indoors Azul? Parcheesi?). It was nice to see people but it was a little exhausting for us all – we’ve not been in the practice of hosting events for quite awhile.

But with that practice, we are considering (and since so many of you have asked! how lovely!) a 2022 Harvest Party. Pencil it in for September 17th (2pm-whenever) with live music, homemade foodstuffs, locally made beer/fermented sodas/dandelion wine and lots of homestead love like apple cidering, blackberry picking, grape harvesting, foraging, and yard games (kite flying, giant Jenga, horseshoes), and of course, great community building. We’ll send out an official invite within the next month as we finalize our thought processes.

This week’s 2 Do List:
* Re/plant field pots (rhubarb, nettle, wild bee balm, boneset, etc)
* Re-design ‘la petite jardin’, our herb garden/kitchen bed
* Start new fencing for veg garden & extra barley/bean bed
* Thin corn/plant purple podded pole beans
* Forage more tea supplies & medicinals (I think I can still get in some more raspberry leaf before they fruit, Scarlet Monarda, Yarrow, Mullein, Sarsparilla, we shall see)
* Build shelving & re-organize the ‘vinyl station’ (perhaps now renamed Schallplatten Bahnhof – ha!)
* Make much Carrot Jam (mmm, with warm brie…or with pork, on top of cake, or just on toast!)
* Bottle up Red Clover Wine! (to go with the bubbly Dandelion Wine we bottled last week)
* Get Birthday Peach started on her natural Cabinet of Curiousities Summer projekt
* Work on Chapter 2 of Dissertation, the bulk of which is written but there is more work to be done; on elemental thinkings and artings…
* J to start practicing his guitar/songs for the Harvest Party! 😉
* Come up with Marketing campaign for Stone Broke Bread Bakery – we need 20 more customers, can you help? Spread the word to your local friends and family and consider renewing your share soon!

Stay sane out there, people. Stay sane.

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creative life-learner

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