Happenings on the Homestead

Many plans – expanding gardens, rebuilding fences, opening horizons; all sound like practical possibilities and philosophical processes at the same time. We are retooling how we go about the gardens this year. With the concern of the avian flu, and our reduced layer flock, it seems like a good time to readdress how we free range our birds (because they can be particularly destructive at times, and yet helpful, too) – so we are building the chicken run into the garden, enfolding a couple of apple trees into the fenced in space as well, and making rows instead of beds. All this goes with our bigger plan to start building an outdoor kitchen resplendent with raised herb beds, a bread oven, and a new pergola for the grapes that we will have to move (anyone want free grape canes? get them fast, they are drying up in the pile behind the garage! ha!).

Meanwhile, Harvest Party 2022 plans are being made – pencil in September 17th as a day to come and relax on our (hopefully) beautified landscape with lovely foods, good live music, and community connections. We’re nerding out this year on food themes (something classic, something foraged, something grown, something Rock Bottom made, something fermented, etc) as we try out some new fire techniques (Beltane will find us enjoying a hanging lamb leg over the flames) and set up country wines (this year I will continue to do the dependable and delicious Dandelion wine, but also will try Forsythia and Honeysuckle, maybe Lilac if I am fast enough). It will be a miracle if we get done all we aspire to but it’s a good motivator to try.

And try we will. We had a lovely day in Portland last weekend for my birthday – my lovely peoples take good care of me, we popped into a local thrift store to spend a gift certificate and across the street was a pop up Queer Craft Fair! Lucky me! I got a couple of amazing goodies there (real butterfly wing earrings and an awesome worm shirt!) and talked with some wonderfully creative folks. Then we went to the East End Park for a picnic and a little play which is always nice to sit on the hill above the water and see the view. The ‘hill was charming with bursts of blooms (both real and creative!). And to top it all off, we came home to a smashing grilled dinner and played Ticket to Ride which we love to play together, finishing with my favorite Strawberry Shortcake (the food, not the character – though I adore her, too). The next day, family came by with Sushi and Chocolate Cake and Key Lime Pie. What a lovely birthday!

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