Duendesday: Baking and Excitement

{life with a curious and crazy 11 yr old}

This little peach loves to plan/host/make goodies for parties. Duende is a hostess with the mostess. A slight sign of rain and she’s making a Thundercake (see Patricia Polacco’s book of the same name, recipe in the back). Any talk of ripe bananas and she’s whipping up banana bread. Or she’s baking biscuits, or scones, or pancakes, or cupcakes! She likes to bake. For the last year or so she’s been picking up some baking/cooking classes with the Homemade group – they are very charming and love to see her (generally the youngest by herself) showing off her goods and asking very sensible questions. Though her patience is a little thin on recipe following (she likes to be creative in baking, but maybe before she knows all the rules…hmmmm) most of her experiments are pretty good.

Duende has friends that are apparently busy little bakers, too. Pear has come up and taken an online baking class with her (remember those scrumptious strawberry and cheese triangles? I do) and she and her friend Dorothy conspired for Dorothy to make delicious little Cheese Danish for me as a birthday surprise! How amazingly wonderful! Baking faeries everywhere! Duende also made me a lovely little clay pitcher (and tried desperately to no avail to make me a pinata – ha!) and colorful paper beads – I love her creations.

Other exciting news – she’s excited to be in the front seat! She’s excited to be back outside for games and relaxation! She’s excited to be traipsing around town and country! Here’s to 11 year old excitement!

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