Another Tuesday: Things We’re Up To

  • We were pleased to check out the Keynotes for the Common Ground Fair this year. They were nice (though, to be honest, I was a little disappointed in the online content this year when last year was amazing! First year we got to see a lot of the events since we weren’t wandering around the fairgrounds appeasing the child) but the excitement was lacking. They drummed up little connection for folks which was a shame since Stacy Brenner had such a new perspective for land ownership and dedication to worker’s rights. Many of us thought that last year was the little fair that “didn’t” but it was really this year…
  • But we are tickled to sign up for the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens tour ‘Maine Days’ (for residents) to see Thomas Dambo’s giant wooden troll sculptures: The Guardians of the Seeds! We’ve only been once to the Gardens (Josh was so sweet to buy us a family membership for our anniversary the year before last, we managed to go to the Winter light show and then it was the pandemic, so our membership ran out and it’s been too sketchy to go – it might even be too sketchy to go now but we are crossing our fingers, it’s a long trek out there to just turn around and come back if it doesn’t look safe).
  • We have lovely friends moving up to our neck of the woods (alright, it’s not really ‘ours’ but near us, which is nice). They are much more social folks than we are but maybe we will be lucky and they will still want to see us – ha! Congratulations on your new home!
  • In the middle of this month is my lovely Tulip’s birthday (that would be Josh). I hope all of his dreams come true! He already knows I bought him a new Marty O’Reilly record and an espresso machine. Ha!
  • And then to round out this month is a holiday – likely attached to others’ version with a Jack ‘o lantern carving party. Our Samhain, this year, will be a big one – ritual cleansings, connections to our ancestors, new energies; a real wytch’s Sabat.

May your Autumn unfold with clarity and peace.

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