Duendesday: a bit of this, a bit of that

{life with a curious and crazy 11 yr old}

Lately it’s been hats, cakes, jumping on the new indoor rebounder, and the Tudor Monastery Farm. Today she is planning on steaming sticks to bend into basketry of some artistic (and likely unfunctional) kind. Yesterday she carved and boiled her own wooden butter knife. We’ve had a lot of late Summer, early Autumn rains and storms so she dug out her lovely long time favorite Patricia Polacco book (I love her whole series of family tradition tales – The Bee Tree, The Keeping Quilt, Rechenka’s Eggs, etc and Thunder Cake) which has the recipe in the back of the cake the little girl and her grandmother make throughout the book (it’s a counting book, she’s had it a long long time – I love Polacco’s style of interspersing sketch drawing with watercolors, there are other books like Betty Doll which are more stark in this style). She was quite pleased with the results (though we did have to use our early Fall fresh raspberries instead of the early Summer strawberry recommended. Though she is excited to cook from the new cookbook from Angela and Uncle Cameron sent down to her. Right now she is practicing some novice magick tricks.

Last month for her studies, she focused on Renaissance fashion (so much more exciting than early Tudor farmhand), mushroom identification, and more complex multiplication. This month she is eager to extend her outdoor nature journal with some Fall birds, Renaissance art (which is almost a lack of fashion!), and a simultaneous look at early American geography.

We can’t wait for more of what this gal is going to do. She’s always doing something…

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