Tuesday 2 Do & Big Happenings

Do you want the little news first or the big news?

Alright, the latter it is – Big News: we are revamping our business acumen and to do so, we need to take a break…likely until October. I know. Big. That’s a big chunk of free floating Rollson’s with no income or safety in any way. But also, as we transition, it means no bread or bits for our lovely folks. The new direction will allow us to, however, bake more bread and with more finesse; which is where we feel we need to be. We are installing an additional bread oven into our finished kitchen (soon on both), and are currently acquiring business licensing which will allow us to function better. We are excited about this transition and hope you will be, too. More details will go out to customers and future customers about our CSB (Community Supported Bakery) shares and the changes that inevitably have to happen as we grow – thanks to all of you!

The little news is all the stuffs we have to get rolling in order to make the Big News happen, but also the tasks that make our days go ’round: like rebuilding the flower boxes that the meatbirds destroyed, setting up a new batch of Classic Kimchi (mine with red cabbage included, so it’s nice and pink!), repair the damaged Grape arbor, pick all the fruit and put up (blackberries, grapes, apples), tree care, garden clean up, and I’m taking on a Marie Kondo-style clean up of our possessions (and our goals/ambitions/realities). Fun times.

We hope you are finding your way, as well…and thank you for being patient with us as we find ours. ❤

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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