Duendesday: the Crazies

{life with a curious and crazy 11 yr old}

This kid is cray cray. She’s losing teeth all over the place (naturally, just seems all the time!), she’s foraging, gardening, climbing, dancing, swinging on the swing, making paper airplanes, making up games (like Belly Target – and yes, she wrote the numbers backwards because she was looking in the mirror – ha!) and Crazy Charades (with such clues as ‘Iceman’, ‘Art’, ‘Bacon’, ‘Stinky’), learning about Renaissance fashion (and drawing/painting them), playing Chess with Daddy, listening to records, and my favorite – the Good Foot/Bad Foot scenario (when the good foot goes bad, he gets choked?!!! whaaa?). She’s not a delicate flower but she is amazing! Go, Duende, Go!

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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