Tuesday Happens

Everyday feels both more surreal and more grounded as we focus on our place in the world. We’re here for the apples and the sugarbush, we’re making friends with the rampant rose, and we’re occasional acquaintances with wild strawberries and sunchokes. We invite some of the insects to join us – certainly the dragonflies and the butterflies (just not the grubs, ticks, and browntail moths…) and all the various creatures that visit us here – Great Blue Heron, Wild Turkeys, an occasional bunny or squirrel, and various bird predators to ‘visit’ the chickens, as well.

But the bread still gets made – people have to eat. And they should be lucky enough to eat good, and real food. It should be a given that folks could break bread together, safely, and without fear. It should be that they have clean water and a life that allows them to pursue a kind of work that fulfills them. They should be able to have guilt-free relationships that are full of listening and mindfulness. Unfortunately, we know this is not the case so hopefully we are all putting out the kind of care energy that the world can pull from and act accordingly.

We count the days until the meatbird harvest, and then camping, then the semester starts and finally to end the season is the Autumnal Equinox: onto a new season of planning. Summer is ending in a special place – not necessarily a good place, but one that requires (perhaps) treading softly and gently. It’s hard to tell how much good we’re doing ‘in the world’ but we do hope that we’re able to help.

May the rest of your Summer carry care to and from you and yours…

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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