Duendesday: strange days

{life with a curious and crazy 11 yr old}

Midsummer – full of plans and arrivals. It’s been a little extra hot and thick around these parts (something that is terribly affecting many good folk everywhere) – leading us to sneak out to a park or run errands when it breaks for a bit, or when we think we can stand it.

The Augusta Mill Park is kind of nice – it’s right by the river which looks lovely and attracts a lot of wildlife and since Augusta isn’t really built up by the river, it’s not too sketchy (from the park area). And it tries to offer stuff – a dog park, an overhang picnic area where the Farmers Market happens on Tuesdays as well, a field area where they put up a bandstand and have live music or events, and a path that winds its way through from the parking lot (though the path connects with the sidewalk which is an extension of the bike path that makes its way to Gardiner – south) to a Pentanque court. On little inlets and rocky peninsulas we spy the cormorants shaking out their wings, herons, osprey and eagle overhead, inland seagulls and down by the river (not in this spot, we can only see it from the path way up above) Duende has spied an otter, fish in the water, and various water plants like pondweeds and lily pads, wild grapes, and tansy. She likes to rollerskate and skateboard there because we have no paved surfaces near our house.

Other things going on in her little world is her garden – she’s harvesting calendula blossoms and cucumbers as her tomatoes and peppers grow, her pumpkins continue to bloom and fruit and her climbing beans climb! She’s been a neglectful gardener but it seems to thrive. She does keep the chickens out by yelling insanely at them. She’s been doing puzzles and playing many games, including all the crazy ones she makes up herself (like belly bullseye). Her kooky ways will continue to make the rest of Summer just as crazy!

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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