Tuesday Happens

There is truly a cruel streak in the weather lately – not just here, but all over. We know why and how and all that, but it doesn’t make it less disconcerting. But here, we expected a good snowstorm (which I enjoy, it’s insulating, beautiful, fun, and since it is Winter here, it is the way it should be!) and instead we got some cruddy icy mess that is certainly not enjoyable.

I say this from my sick-bed, as I have Shingles (which is also a cruel mistress – very painful, horrifically ugly, and can be worrisome). And though I may come out of it alright, it is a moment to consider the silent stresses that eke out when we are not watching as closely. It is certainly a moment to heal and reassess. It is also a moment to be grateful for this time and care. Do try and take care of yourself and hold close your sanity, your safety, your ability to be generous, as well – It’s likely you do more than you think you do, and are more than you think you are.

Meanwhile, delivery is shifted for a day, the weather is like that. Shifting our regular schedule a bit and with so many dedicated cracker addicts, this special of the month is highly desired (who knew that the solution to our sourdough discard would end up being a very welcome and popular addition to our goods – and with that demand, we now have to store large amounts of starter to compensate – ha!, but man, they are good…).

Soon (after I am well again), I will offer the Wellness line (recipes are very satisfactory) and we are considering some more ‘prepared-food’ lines such as frozen pasta sauces and soups – any feedback on what you might like to see would be great! We stocked many ‘in-season’ vegetables from last summer that will reawaken your mid-Winter taste-buds.

May your health be strong and your weather gentle.

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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