Duendesday: a new day

{life with a curious and crazy 10 yr old}

There’s going to be a new sheriff around here, and it’s not going to be some sweet little sassy 10 yr old I know – ha! No, she’s a good girl but we need to reassess the way we do things. She’s at a new juncture that requires a little more attention and focus. All her schooling skills are good but as most of us remember fifth grade, it’s a big jump in mostly math and social studies.

I think both Josh and I are excited to delve into new (less redacted) history and geography lessons, science experiments, and general critical thinking skills. Which all require a dedicated effort on our part to make sure she’s getting the time and space to open up these new directions.

So, we’re tearing down and rebuilding the studio to make some good creative space for mostly both she and I. Her wonderful arty activities seem to spill all over the house, so maybe this will concentrate them more in a specific space – then the space we have for study/reading/games will be more available. It will also mean very restricted television (scheduled for family movie night and special occasions) which might be a shift for her – it’s been a long Winter for all.

This morning, she woke up and decided she needed a Cheetah in her life – so she made a little guy/painted him up and mounted him with his own tree in a doorway…and I like that about her, but it can become a little crazy – ha! Some other recent projekts include painting up the little cat house she built out of wood last Fall as a club for him now called ‘The Pig Hut’, working on a lovely little paint-by-numbers which is really quite challenging and coming out great, and her chicken care. Then she had a new puppy and made him a sweet snuggly basket, and I came down to a foil mobile of stars/hearts/disco balls.

Next week begins tree-tapping and pruning which she loves to help Josh with, and then seedlings and baskets with which she’s excited to help me for Spring.

It’s a wonderful time for change.

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