RBH Tuesday Happens

  • Amidst the slowly falling faerie snow today, our usual Tuesday endeavor involves baking and picking out goods (jams and secret pickles, caramelized onions and fresh ricotta). New and exciting breads go out today; we hope you like them as much as us!
  • We’re talking about the new studio plans (that room has been the last to be ripped down and rebuilt; it’s blue and gold paneling with black seams is losing its kitsch charm). Josh will build a big table for D and I to ‘art/work’, and we’ll fill the inner wall with shelves for my skool books and our art supplies.
  • My seeds and other Pinetree Seeds goods come today (hopefully my wonderful Fedco order will come soon, too) and I can start planning flower gardens and baskets in earnest – our first year here we rolled out large kraft paper and made a ‘map’ of our land. Every Winter since, we roll it back out and make changes, update plans, consider new; we haven’t done it yet, I think this week is the week (as next week we begin tapping and pruning).
  • I ordered yarn from Pinetree, too – grown from sheep on Navajo reservations and hand-dyed; I needed something to go with a lovely local yarn D got me for Solstice (I’m thinking a nice new neckwarmer for me in the deep brown she found and the butter yellow I got), and a I got a few skeins for a present for her – it’s likely I won’t finish it until next Solstice, but sometimes that’s the way it goes. I’d tell you what I’m going to make her but I think she’s starting to read the blog! ha!
  • The child is losing teeth like crazy lately (I don’t remember the rush of the 10 yr molars popping out all over the place for me – maybe because it happens all at once?) so she’s cranky and tired and sensitive to all foods. The tooth faerie is running out of ideas for small gifts…

It’s a lovely quiet day here, full of possibilities.

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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