Special Update

Hello Hello. I wanted to update you on some very special happenings at Rock Bottom Homestead.

Recently we have implemented a giving program where 5% of our gross income from the bakery/goods go to the Augusta (Maine) Food Bank. For example, even though this last month was a relatively slow month for us, we were able to offer $75. for January. According to the information on the Food Bank website, every dollar offers 4 meals.

This seems like an incredible boost to our local assistance and increasing food security for many Mainers (also as New Englanders, and Americans, in general). This is so important to us as we foster community care and try to offer what little we can.

We also already try to buy as local as possible for the ingredients in the goods we make. If we are unable to do so, we focus on other quality aspects such as organic (for some goods this is a primary importance, i.e. sugar, most vegetation), fair trade/co-operative, Non-GMO, and responsibly sourced (in a perfect world, all these come together as often as possible). We currently support 2 local CSA’s (Farmer Kev’s – who works closely with the Gardiner Food Co-op and the Andrews Farm) and work with a local distributor who also has great considerations that match ours. For our home use, we also shop primarily at our local family grocery (which more and more also matches our concerns/focus) and the Augusta Farmer’s Market. You can find our bread and bagels at the lovely Olde Haven Farmstore, as well.

Even our seeds and trees are chosen with local and responsible care. Though we primarily buy from Fedco and are joining their Patronage Dividend program, we are also members of the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (though we also support Pinetree Seeds, Johnny’s Seeds, and High Mowing Seeds (VT), and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (MO)). Our soil additions are Coast of Maine (or homemade), and our flours for baking come from King Arthur Flour and Maine Grains. And we are always looking for new and fruitful connections akin to our goals.

Our homestead ability to share outside of the RBH goods has also been able to grow. Part of our New Year ability and focus was to choose a cause we each felt strongly about to contribute to (monthly). Josh’s charitable contribution goes toward Native American Rights Fund which preserves, protects, and promotes Native American liberties. Duende is very concerned about long-term body and specifically breast health and supports the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. And I focus on the Family Violence Project for our local area in Maine, adding to that the Grow a Row initiative by Deb Soule from Avena Botanicals which connects calendula growers with domestic violence survivors for healing support.

It’s a very special year for us, and we are so happy to be able to get to the point where we can give back in a way that we feel is both personal and community-oriented. We share this great success with you because you have helped to make this all possible. Thank you for your continued support.

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