Happenings on Tuesday

Alas, there is not much ‘happening’ these days, which is good. When it happens, it is all a-flurry, but most of the time it is the kind of peace that we only dreamt about for years. Days of homemade Egg Nog Ice Cream and Apple Cake, afternoons of Popcorn and movies (the little one likes her sprouted popcorn with yeast and seaweed, and her movies singalong), and evenings of simply being together (Moroccan Chicken with Olives and Preserved Lemons, anyone?). The world makes a joke of Sourdough starters and jigsaw puzzles but that is our life – ha!

For our lovely anniversary I made a handpainted homestead sign (I had to learn some new ‘old’ techniques to pull it off) which will go up by Summer Solstice (inclement weather and all). Until then our Winter and Spring ‘2-do’ list grows: order meatbirds and seeds, restructure the 2-season porch into a greenhouse, prune fruit trees, then it’s sugaring season (we made it through the year this past year with enough maple syrup – even with selling! this is a grand first for us!), and the growing of seedlings starts in there somewhere.

I think I have decided that we will have a Pumpkin patch, along with our perennial-forever veg like Rhubarb, Asparagus, and Jerusalem Sunchokes and it is likely I will still have a patch of Marfax beans, and vine beans (both Runner and True Cranberry – I like those beauties), and a small kitchen garden near the house (maybe with Potatoes in bags) but the garden is going to be primarily herbs and flowers this year. We’ve had some vegetative setbacks the last couple of years (the voles totally destroyed my potatoes this year, the early frost my tomatoes, the drought my corn, etc, etc, etc) and since we have so many amazing local CSA’s, I figured we could leave it to the more protected and professionals and I could try other things. It’s hard to let go of certain things (like the beans and potatoes, for me) but I’m excited to try some new directions!

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen – Josh is devising a magickal secret ‘Pickle Club’ (the members are not secret, necessarily, just the pickles) – more on that soon. And he is also designing more Bread specials (I see seedy things happening, gorgeous sandwich buns, and ancient dark grains – I really love me some dark rye). And I am getting my Herbal Tea collection together for you to keep you warm through the deep Winter: Wildflower Tea Blend to make you think of Sunshine, Moon Blend to help you through cycles, Purifying Blend to encourage New Year resolutions, Holistic Blend to soothe and treat stresses in the mind and body, and then single herb teas for more direct approaches – like Red Clover, Cleavers, Crimson Bee Balm, Rosehip, and many more – the list will come out soon for ordering.

And thank you to all who made our bumpy year smoother – this was a new venture for us in a very cataclysmic time and we’re grateful for your support. We couldn’t have done any of this without you. Thank you.

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