Duendesday Wednesday!

{life with a curious and crazy 10 yr old}

I told you all about her cardboard creations and then she goes and makes a spaceship for the cat, resplendent with buttons/levers/a handheld radio and a helmet – she shaped, designed, and painted it, also adding a plastic bag window (for both the ship and the helmet). Hilarious! Her and Daddy worked on the ‘Women in Science’ puzzle (based on the Rachel Ignotofsky book) and she was excited to be familiar with a couple of the scientists already and she’s been building a Solar Bot. She’s also been sewing chicken neck warmers (yet to be used) and a lot of ‘dancing’ with her new yoga ball. It’s a nonstop crazy party around here most days. She got to see Nana for some fun gifts (new jammies, twinkly lights for her new reading nook, winter boots and animal socks!). Her new favorite book is the comic Snapdragon by Kat Leyh. She continues to bake and help out in the kitchen, and loves to feed the chickens by hand and collect eggs (though the other day she wore her favorite leopard spotted fashion coat out to collect eggs; when there was only one she put it in her pocket and then promptly forgot about and went swinging on the swing – it unfortunately broke and filled her pocket with fresh yolk – possible lesson learned- ha!).

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