All the Tuesday Happenings

It has been a very busy week – more storms (our first Nor’Easter of the year – 6″ of wet heavy snow that has now turned to dense ice) with a lot of power loss. I know we are lucky and have some systems in place – generator (so the basement doesn’t flood and powers one room), and the woodstove but it was still a lot of work while the certainly more capable fellow of the homestead is convalescing from a minor (though necessary and restricting) surgery. He’s doing fine taking it easy and getting back up to speed but it left me to do tasks I don’t do as efficiently (like carrying wood, tying and rolling tarps for the chickens/hauling their water, shoveling, and delivering some goods to our lovely customers, and then make dinner on a hot plate! plus try and teach online when there is intermittent power – it’s been crazy for sure, or maybe just me). And worrisome news about good good friends – our hearts are in our throats.

So, I try and take a few moments to focus on the loveliness of the world that I really had nothing to do with – it’s just my advantage that I get to experience it when it comes, even if it comes at a really bad time (or rather, a more perfect time). Like the bright clear almost Winter moon on the sparkling snow, or the layer of ice on tiny red rose hips, or my beautiful child catching snowflakes on her tongue. Or the man singing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s “Posh Posh, the Traveling Life” song over and over while he tries to get everything together for me to stay sane. Or the ridiculous pup who loves to nest in the blankets in front of the fire. Meanwhile we snuggle up and eat Pork Belly Ramen bowls, and Tofu Saag with Flatbreads, drink Warm Cider with Cinnamon, and lots of hot Chicory Tea. We both find and make those moments.

I wish you many small moments of living and loveliness.

Published by Rachael M Rollson

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