Duendesday Wednesday!

{life with a curious and crazy 10 yr old}

I will not be surprised when this child grows up to be either a meteorologist or a conservationist or even a National Geographic photographer – mostly because she has no care of weather. She loves all weather – she loves to be in it, to immerse herself totally (generally underclothed, for my taste). If it snows, she’s face down in it – or building/sledding/observing (and trying to save) it. If it rains and it’s warm enough (though her threshold is pretty iffy on that – she has no temperature gauge – or maybe she just runs hot), she’s splashing, sliding, collecting, drenched in it. And of course, if it is sunny, she’s open to it like a gorgeous little flower. I think though, she prefers the cloudy, overcast, or foggy days – she likes the quiet it seems to bring (maybe just to amplify her own sounds – she’s a bursting, sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs, whooping and hollering type of gal). She is such a nut.

We had quite the little storm (I’m sure nothing compared to the hurricane it came from – my heart goes out to those who weather worse storms) – lost power for a day and half, right after a few wet days where the sump pump died and the water filled the basement. But Josh is amazing – he has all sorts of Plan B’s put into place (generator for the front room/water heater/sump pump), skills to put in a new pump, battery lanterns, etc) – I’m dreaming of the day we can afford a battery for the solar (it’s not that I don’t believe in the social benefits of being grid-tied but Maine makes it hard to afford to be so, and the benefit of being sufficient sounds nice).

Right now she’s taking care of Daddy – she’s his convalescence accomplice (somehow I’m caring for 2, instead of just the 1) while he’s recuperating from a minor setback (all is well, he’s patched up and ready for healing). They are snuggled on the couch, on the extra foam mattress I bought for this occasion, playing Legos Star Wars (she’s an instant junkie) with a stack of ‘movies’ they’ve picked out: the animated Hobbit, The Muppet Show series (I caught glimpses of the Leo Sayer and the Pearl Bailey, so fun), and Daddy is hoping for come classic Westerns or Kung Fu. Maybe if I’m lucky I can get this gal to help a Mama out a bit (though she is good at snuggling).

Enjoy your weather – wherever you may be.

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