Tuesday on the Homestead

What’s Happening?

  • Seedlings are still on sale – available for your gardens: melons, Summer and Winter squashes, tomato seedlings are up, peppers, calendula, borage, cukes, marigolds but it’s official, the early cabbages bit the dust. Oh well, I’ll try again for succession cabbages.
  • New Summer Syrups – Lilac and Honeysuckle, and they are both certainly more potent and floral than the subtle violet and forsythia. Up next: wild strawberry!
  • Chicks should be here today or tomorrow. After a couple of delays, they will finally be here in all their cute and fluffiness. Now, all we need is a coop – ha!
  • New bean/Winter squash beds ready for planting. We’ve got to get those suckers in before they don’t have time to grow! But they are beautiful beds with lots of potential! (Thank you Josh!)
  • More rhubarb jam going up and another batch of seasonal foraged Kimchi going into the crock. Meanwhile, pickles abound with stuff coming in (early beets, radish, turnips, asparagus, carrot, scallion, etc) – thanks in part to our wonderful CSA from Farmer Kev (from them to us to you! sharing all around)
  • And if you get a chance, we thank you wholeheartedly in advance (please share) – we’re moving forward on some big dreams (and some desperate needs) for a community wood-fired oven (and upgraded in house oven for baking) with our new funding request for the: Rock Bottom Homestead Hearth

Be well, be safe, be sane, and productive!

Published by Rachael M Rollson

creative life-learner

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