{a day to check in with an almost 10 yr old’s doings}

And what could be better than new chick day? Not much around here. 17 happy healthy little kooky chicks arrive in a little cozy box at the Post Office, ready for pick up at 6:30am (I’m sure they can’t stand to have them there long – peeping, peeping, peeping). Duende is over the moon (she loves little chick day!), it’s been awhile.

As they rest up under the red warm light, she is off preparing them a mud cake. I’m sure it will be decorated with yummy red clover flower and molded into a particularly pleasing shape. Later this week, we will make a real cake for Nana’s birthday (and work on her gift which is extra special and requires a lot of Duende’s beautiful handiwork). But right this minute it’s all about the chicks.

The new brooder Josh built is fantastic. It has pocket doors, lift latches, removable insulation, 2 rooms with an optional separator (we’ll get meat chicks in just a few weeks but hopefully the coop will be ready for our layer pullets by then). In another week, we’ll make a playpen for the chicks to be outside in some partial sunshine in the dirt and grass and D will be the babysitter (which she loves, for the first 10 minutes).

But for right now, it’s enough to love the little chicks for the small soft bit of life and fluff they are…

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