It’s Tuesday, right?

My schedule is a bit off this week. I keep missing or losing some days in there somewhere. It is lush and green up here right now. There have been some apple blossoms (it’s an off year, so sparingly on the old trees and a few of the youngbloods are trying out their petal power).

We’ve been busy making up cocktail syrups (Josh has decided his drag name is ‘Forsythia Syrup’ – brilliant!) – so far yes – forsythia, violet, and pine (for those of you who want something a little spicier/less floral, it’s quite fun!), and soon to be lilac and honeysuckle. Also the new baguettes are rolling out, and the fresh ricotta has been a solid gold hit! I, myself, am a big fan of the fresh ricotta – fold a little chopped fresh basil into it and it’s a luscious dip for a picnic. Rhubarb jam and fiddlehead pickles might be available soon!

We’re managing some other little projekts, too. I’m digging into a furniture update exercise (a deconstructed upholstery on a couple of chairs, a lacquered buffet, new cushions for a glider…). Josh is making fences out of foraged trees/saplings – we are riding that line between crazy hippie homestead and country DIY – ha!

Meanwhile, the garden is progressing – never before have I made it to have the potatoes, the peas, AND the corn in before June. I planted the latter with purple podded pole beans and acorn squash and wee-be-little-pumpkins. The fingerlings and sweet potatoes are in grow bags (we upgraded this year to actual grow bags instead of saved feed bags since we didn’t have winter chickens). And the new chicks come in another week or so for the new brooder space that Josh is working on. The new elderberry hedge has been put in and will hopefully grown big and gorgeous and full of berries in no time.

It looks particularly ‘homesteady’ here right now – the kitchen island has multiple projekts: salted kimchi base, exploding sourdough starter, cracker making, cooling flower jelly, boiling bone broth – I can see the clothes drying on the line, the cold frame is opened for the day, the child is out picking flowers, and we’ve all had breakfast rhubarb cake that we made last night. It’s a lovely day. I hope you are having a lovely day, too. It’s a busy season and we need it. It’s good to be distracted by the hustle and bustle of life and care. Stay safe and sane.

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