{a day to check in with a 9 yr old’s doings}

Hot lazy days right now, for an almost 10-year-old. Sure, she has a list of chores she likes shirk – like watering plants, hanging (or taking down) the laundry on the line, the dishwasher, the cat box…but they all get done eventually. But the activity lately is all in La Petite Jardin (the little garden under the big Silver Maple tree) – with her swing and the hammock and climbing rope.

Early on, when we first hung her swing (that was Josh’s 5th Birthday present for her) they called her play area ‘Colonial Flippity’ – it had a sign and everything. Now we are building the bed beside it into an herb garden and the other side will be the extension of the grape fence with a new arbor (I can only imagine that means sledding trails are going to be even better this Winter!).

LPJ (as we like to call that space) has nice cooling shade and is surrounded by honeysuckle, forsythia, and growing lilac…it’s truly a lovely place to be in the Summer. Swing away my little peach, swing away!

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