the Haps

Somehow Tuesday feels like a good day to check in with what’s going on around here – Monday is too aggressive about it, and Wednesday is already the halfway point to other plans, Tuesday is the sweet spot. It’s encouraging – the week is progressing, things are getting done, and there is even a bit of time to wonder about the possibilities…

Here we have some homestead dreams cooking – obviously many of them hinge on a different world than our current one. Hopefully this world will be better than it is now and better than it was, we do not necessarily hope for a return to whatever some consider ‘normal’ because it wasn’t normal for everyone – we could do better. This is sort of the way we live our life here – there is no best or higher ideal, just that when obstacles come up, we find creative ways to deal with them and we continually question, is this the best way to do this? the kindest? the healthiest? the fairest?

What do some of our dreams look like? Well, we have immediate dreams like expanding the garden for a couple of dry bean beds and oats for chicks, a new chicken coop, an herb garden, and espaliered grapes, expanding delivery service and goods to sell…but we also have bigger but doable dreams like an outdoor ‘kitchen’ area with a bread oven and smoker shed and mushroom growing, a farmstand…and then we have a couple of grand ideas that are technically doable but not for awhile and require some solid planning, like a communal residency for artists and writers, with a barn for community talks or classes on wildcrafting, eco-philosophy, whatever and a community market where we either consign or buy local goods from homesteaders and provide them in a market setting so that small batch growers and makers can make a buck or two and the local population can share in their bounty.

Somedays I’m lucky to drink a cup of coffee before it gets cold or even remember this blog – this is the first year that we put the peas in this early (I’ve been traveling with my college program for the last 3 years during this time, I’ve missed the apple blossoms these last 3 years, too) and the potato bed is ready for when they appear (normally we would pick them up from Fedco at the tree sale – where I nearly lose my mind in potato heaven, but this year they will be shipped…sometime…).

As I sit here, I am watching crackers being made (new experimental flavors! like sesame and maybe lavender), bagels (waiting for feedback on the new cinnamon flavor), and the ‘putting up’ of bread (the building, proofing, and shaping) for baking tomorrow, and I hear maybe some cookies – just for me….mmmm, cookies…(and then I get a special cake on Thursday – yay me!!).

Enjoy your Tuesday – may you have as many working dreams as you do fantasies…

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