Rock Bottom Breaking News:

  • Bread Shares are now a thing – right now there are only 20 and notices have been sent out to people already signed up for weekly shares. But what are they? They are a month to month CSB (y’know, for bread!) which streamlines the payment and delivery process. It also opens up a whole new program for us – in being able to get you awesome homestead goodies. Because besides the heavy Winter wheat options now (bread, pizza dough, crackers, flatbreads and soon pasta) – coming up there will be Maple Syrup, and seedlings, and Kimchi, microgreens and foraged packs, then veggies and fruits, jams and pickles, household goods like crocheted scrubbies, dishcloths and Frenchpress cozies, cheese and charcuterie, herbal teas and medicines, so many plans and ideas coming your way. So, thank you to all who participate in the shares program – it really helps get us on our way more efficiently!
  • And the sap is flowing nicely. With all this wonky weather, we may see a longer run than anticipated but it’s a finicky relationship (man, earth, atmosphere) so we shall see how it goes. But we are boiling. The new evaporator system has been cranking – if you want to come and participate (i.e. stand around the fire and likely drink beer or empty buckets/fill evaporator, chop wood?) we are here and boiling all weekend.
  • Thursday we have a date to go up to Fedco and get more seeds and supplies. I need some nightshades and more herbs – there’s a new herb garden planned (more tea and medicines)! I love going up there – I know, it’s not the ‘cutest’ or the most ‘romantic’ but that’s what I like about it. It’s straightforward, lowbrow, easy to engage with and ask questions and get what you need – besides the ride is somewhat romantic. I love a country drive – see how gardens are coming along, see what is peeking out from behind Winter.
  • And speaking of – next week is Spring!! Whew! Though on our North slope it won’t really feel like it unless this thaw continues like it is – even with another snow, we might be magickally able to get the peas and potatoes in early this year (rather than late, as every other year – mostly due to my school travels of which I am technically done with). Because we are ‘seasonal freaks’ we will struggle next week to find white eggs to decorate [we took a break from chickens this Winter but will resume again this Summer – they need a new coop and location] and celebrate with a lovely Moroccan lamb tagine, flowers on the window, and a festive attitude!

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