D for Duendesday!

{a day to check in with a 9 yr old’s doings}

She’s on the lookout for a new bike (the one she has is a bit small, they are so sized for age instead of size, is that a thing or am I just imagining), I think she wants to be a BMX star (damn that Shaun the Sheep) as she loves to set herself up on specific rises to the get the most speed or oomph, and the bumpier the better, she likes to slam on the brakes and let the back of the bike slide in the dirt to an abrupt but dramatic stop. As a parent, I do hope this activity comes with a love of safety wear, too.

She’s also an avid climber. Right now mostly on trees and rope – she fashions herself bungee cord climbers, ties her knots (she’s always been a pro at tying things, when she was really little I gave her a whole skein of bright orange yarn and left her be for a bit, when I returned the entire room was a giant orange spider’s web, she had weaved and tied to every surface she could latch onto). But the rule about climbing is – don’t get up into something you can’t get yourself down from, which mostly works.

It’s also teasingly Mud Season, though we might have another snow waiting in the clouds above for unsuspecting and overly hopeful gardeners, the mud is here so there is she. I frequently worry when she gets ‘too fabulous’ that somehow I have a fashionista or dainty princess (you’d think the above two paragraphs would quell this, but sometimes it’s hard to tell which way they’ll go). She will dress up in the fanciest dress possible – tons of tulle, layers, satin if possible and then go play in the mud. I win. Yay!!! Ha! Though there was no dress this week outside (she is getting more possessive of them, ever since the ‘silly putty debacle’) she did make some lovely mud people. I think they are all Mud-Mama’s (me) and that one guy who couldn’t behave himself and had to go to jail.

Happy Mud Season!

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