Happenings: February/March

What’s Happening? What a weird word – I can’t help it, how did it come to be (to hap)?:

happen (v.)

late 14c., happenen, “to come to pass, occur, come about, be the case,” literally “occur by hap, have the (good or bad) fortune (to do, be, etc.);” extension (with verb-formative -n) of the more common hap (v.). Old English used gelimpangesceon, and Middle English also had befall. In Middle English fel it hap meant “it happened.” Related: Happenedhappening. Phrase happens to be as an assertive way to say “is” is from 1707.
And not to be confused with What’s Happening!! with Rerun and Rog and Dwayne…(man, I loved that show as a kid – both Josh and I did – ha! There were way too many sitcom’s when we were kids).

All that to say – what is happening around the Rock Bottom Homestead?

  • Well, tomorrow is first bread delivery day! Bread, with maybe some pizza dough, and amazing sourdough crackers. What does this entail for us? A ridiculous amount of dough being worked today to sit for its long proof so it gets all super yummy for tomorrow’s bake. It also entailed a good amount of new equipment – a proofing refrigerator, rattan baskets with linen liners, beeswax covers, 50lb bags of flour in new wheelie containers, a new fancy lame (to score the bread), a new bread stone (Josh managed to break the old one in a practice bake), bread bags, dough bags, and a few other random paraphernalia. He still needs an apron and a new scale but other than a continuous replenishment of flour – he’s good to go! I’ve been privy to many a practice bake and this guy does not look like he’s practicing any longer – he’s got the moves and the dough is divine (his sore shoulders and rough hands prove he’s working hard! ha!). Leftover bread has been made into bread crumbs, croutons, and saved for (mostly savory) bread puddings and soups.
  • I have been visiting the local Swap Shop (though we can’t help but call it a shack, it’s a garage at our Transfer Station for goods that might be useful for someone else). My recent treasures are old punchbowls to be used as cloches in the garden and baskets for egg, herb, and other vegetation collecting. It’s a touch-and-go kind of place. Sometimes we find great treasure, like a giant roaster (it’s like a crockpot but big and metal and for roasting – I do whole turkeys in it!) or a dehydrator, or chairs and table, or board games (or duplicate board game pieces!), or books – many books, and glassware. Josh thinks I’m a hoarder because I take all kinds of vintage glassware and sewing machines (we currently have 4, and 2 small tabletop ironing boards) but I have a fantasy I’m going to open up some kind of fancy junk/book shop (I haven’t even started collecting stock, just trying out treasures I admire).
  • So – on the calendar are the pruning and 1st tapping days: February 29 and March 1st. Join if you like, come and help if you want some hands-on pruning someone else’s old apple trees and new fruit trees, or want to see some old-skool tapping (not wooden spiles old-skool, but still a backyard version of metal spiles and buckets). Josh is only tapping 10% right now as a starter to see how the flow is – but let us know if you are coming and there will be hot coffee and a pot of something for lunch!


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